DJ Marlon Bizzy

Looking for a DJ who can Rock The Party? Someone who can play New and classic hits? Look no further! Marlon Bizzy can create that sound that captivates the crowd spinning and mixing a variety of musicical genres for your next party or event. He offers an extensive library of music to bring your event to the next level of excitement.

Motivating the crowd

Motivate your crowd with New York's premeire DJ who spins the latest chart toppers as well as classic hits transforming your venue into a destination for all audiences.

Time Tailored

We offer customize music services to make your event the most successful and memorable experience for everyone in attendance.

Calendar of events

Check out Bizzy's events and find out where Marlon Bizzy is spinning. See what makes Marlon B that special choice of musical curator for you.

Organic sounds

A medley of sounds that transport your guests to the best moments in their lives or bringing them up to date with modern music artist of the scene.

Fly Beats

Up to speed to get your event jumping and having your guests feeling amazing in no time flat! Keeping with today's tempo to rock the crowd that never stops!

Ready To Rock

Always in demand and ready to turn the party out. When every minute counts you can never fail with Bizzy spinning it thoroughly!