Marlon B

DJ Marlon Bizzy has music flowing through his veins. Born and raised in NYC’s Upper West Side at 9 years old he was already listening to and recording the latest music that was playing on the radio, recording hip hop jams and practicing his Breaking moves. He grew up playing with his brother’s DJ equipment, watching relatives and friends spin records at family and community events, and leafing through his parents’ collection of Latin Jazz, Salsa, Disco, and Rock n Roll records.

What sets Marlon apart from the rest is not only his raw talent and versatility, it’s his passion for his craft. As an artist he brings a natural charisma to the stage that entices partygoers and music rivals alike. He is a musician meets politician, a crowd favorite who always feels his audience and delivers hard. Some of Marlon’s favorite memories stem from when he was just getting into the dj game. It was those nights when he and his small entourage of friends would travel from community centers to kids’ basements, records and equipment in hand, ready to bring down the house that fueled him to keep believing in his craft.

Today, if he’s not busy developing a killer catalog of online mixes & mixed cd’s from different genres and time periods, Marlon’s controlling the decks at multi-million dollar movie premieres, screenings, and awards shows. His recent projects include covering the Sean Jean X Jean Basquiat Fashion week event in NYC, The 2018 Annual Puerto Rican Day Parade NYC for Proctor & Gamble, Puerto Rock Steady events held in Puerto Rico, Truecooks X Chef’s Roll “Night at the Mansion” event held at the Versace Mansion Miami. In the past he’s covered screening after parties for "The Wrestler", "The Hangover", "Obsessed", the "Fade to Black" "Jay Z Movie premiere party at Club 40/40, and Richard Branson’s Virgin America event at The Box, to name a few.

While Marlon grew up in New York City and loving everything about the music that was played in his lifetime home, Hip Hop, he always knew that being able to spin different genres such as Disco, 80's retro-pop, Rock, Funk, Soul, Jazz, Salsa, Reggaeton, House, Dancehall and R&B and more, would open more doors for him as an artist, and give him more of an edge over the competition. It’s rare and refreshing to see an artist like Marlon Bizzy be able to play such a variety of music and manipulate each genre with the same precision, skill, and musicality as he does the next. Although he has evolved with the times and knows how to execute digital technology better than most, Marlon still loves the organic sound of a record. He still buys and appreciates vinyl, and he is still thrilled to find an original pressing or a rare record in a pile of hundreds. DJ Marlon Bizzy is one of a kind. His talent is unprecedented and his skills are contagious. If you don’t already know him, you will, because he will bringing down the house at a venue near you for years and years to come.